Tips for completing the game Divinity Orginal Sin 2. Passing game #073

The dwarf

Halflings seem generous and peaceful by nature, they usually remain a little aloof, but you can often get the necessary help from them. At the same time, they are a bit eccentric, which should be remembered when talking to them.

A special ability


Deals damage to the ground and turns the target into stone (petrification effect). Removes the effects of bleeding, burning, poisoning, and mutilation from the target. Gorenje.

Cool down

4 moves

6 moves


A very tactical skill - long recovery time and short action time. However, you should consider the advantages and disadvantages well.

You should pay attention to the same things as in the case of the reward, but keep in mind that this time the skill is more expensive, lasts shorter and defeats the enemy.

It works as a spell in the final stages of combat when the allied unit is weakened and still taking damage from the elements. Using this skill allows you to clear this character of these effects, protect him and give him a few more turns of life.

On the other hand, your enemies will not be disappointed that you will temporarily lose one team member. Now all the damage will be focused on the remaining characters, so you better think about it - are the remaining characters ready to take the damage?



A passive bonus that increases Survivability by 10% and Evasion by 5%.

+1 stealth bonus (passive).


The above increases the dwarf's ability to sneak. This will not make him a good assassin or archer - the +2 power bonus does not improve the damage of these characters. This is a less useful thing, but rather an interesting addition.


Lizards are a rather unique race that remains fairly neutral towards other races and does not mind cooperating with them. Things get more complicated when you have to act against another lizard. If this is the class you have chosen for your character, you should have no problem finding common ground with the rest of the lizards. If you accept this character into your group, try to keep him away from the rest of his race.

A special ability


Creates a stream of fire that deals XY damage to all targets in the affected area and leaves a cloud of fire.

Creates a protective barrier that restores lost physical and magical armor points per turn. It also increases resistance to all elements.


100% chance of applying ignition for 2 moves

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