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+++ BREAKING Debian 9.0 codename

A source close to the Debian Project has informed me that the project will break from it’s long running tradition of Pixar codenames for their releases. Going further than this, in what is surely...


Adblock adding ads to block ads

Confused yet? The popular browser extension AdBlock for Chrome/Chromium and Safari has launched a new crowdsourced campaign – to buy up internet advertising space inviting people to download AdBlock, so they can block ads....


IT recruitment sexism is alive and well

With the number of female software engineers standing at 20.9% [1], recruitment of females into the industry is a major concern. A friend of mine, Rosemary Francis who’s MD of Ellexus, has a great...


Kerning in LibreOffice

Are you a fan of kerning? Are all your letters running together? Do you want your documents in LibreOffice to look normal again? Try turning off hardware acceleration: Tools -> Options -> View ->...


Let’s get physical

Two recent announcements have been made about how it’s viewed that people should interact with each other. Both, in my opinion, are misguided. Firstly, Yahoo’s chief executive, Marissa Mayer has announced that she’s banning staff from remote...


Fleeing Google

For some time, I have been concerned about the amount of data I store on Google. This post aims to show alternatives to the service. This is primarily for two reasons. The first is...


How not to be a jerk online – chauvinism

Do you remember at school, when the teachers mentioned that something would be on your “permanent record”? The big secret is that there isn’t one. Apologies to all teachers, but it’s not likely this blog’s demographic will...


Unicode hearts!

I was impressed by, and I’m always forgetting sequences for hearts, so I present: ♥ Hearts for all! ♥


DebConf 2012 – Nicaragua

After 4 flights, about 15,000 miles, a beach, some Toña and cheese and lots of geeks, I’m able to update my Places I’ve Been map by adding Nicaragua to it. I was speaking at...


Digital Economy Act – And so it begins

Today, OFCOM issued a press release entitled “New measures to protect online copyright and inform consumers”. According to the announcement, internet users will be encouraged to download music and films through legal channels under...